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Backplate weight 2kg

Part No: BPW2





1,6kg butt weight for improved trim.

To be placed on lower twin cyl. band.

Part No: BW16




V-weight 3kg.

Part No: VW3























Part No: SPGB

300 bar pressure gauge, O2 clean

Brass body with tempered glass and luminous dial.

Diameter 60mm
Thickness 25mm

Maximum operating depth 50 m



Part No: MF1

Mask made of silicone and of course tempered glass.



Part No: KB6

Knife / Linecutter

Shaft designed for craftsmen working with gloves.

The knife is manufactured by Erik Frost´s Knife Factory,
established in Mora, Sweden 1891.

They have been most helpful in making this new edged tool.

Total length 150mm (6”)
Shaft 110mm and blade 40mm.


Spring Finstraps Part No:AFS (-XL or -L)

We offer you springs attached to the fins with

screws and plates of stainless steel,

instead of small brass pins.

A short sleeve of rubber makes the spring easier

to pull down when taking them off, e.g.when to climb a boat ladder.
AFS-XL for Jetfins XL, AFS-L for Jetfin L


Sizes explained here




Part No: MS10

Mask Strap of neoprene




185x115mm 90 pages.




















PH76 L76mm Ø14mm


PH90 L90mm Ø19mm


PH108 L108mm Ø30mm


DE103 L103






















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