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Back Up Light Part No: BUL43

  -tight beam with minimum spill of light
-double o-ring seals
-twist ON/OFF bezel
-108 Lumen
- high intensity LED
-30 h burntime
-3C/ R14 battery cells

- body dia. 36mm
- length 195mm
- 150m depth rated


Back Up Light Part No: BUL22

- 2 watt LED
- 13 degree beam angle
- 6 h burntime

- double o-ring seal
- powered by 2 CR123 Lithium cells

- body dia. 36mm

- bezel dia. 36mm

- length 148mm
- 150m depth rated










LEDs are superior to conventional light sources in many respects and are extremely versatile. Even when this small, like these back up lights, they are still impressive for their wide colour palette and excellent colour saturation. Their low power consumption and long life make them particularly economical. LEDs are therefore ideal as simple and efficient light sources not only as a redundancy light but also as a basic primary light. 


These lights are suitable for illuminating linear and freeform structures, close-up viewing of marine life and even for backlighting. 


With low energy consumption, long life and low maintenance Arthur back up lights are an excellent choice for every diver. 








Illustrating the delrin body waist for secure fastening.

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