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 LED with 5,2 battery

Burm time: 4h


LED with 10,4Ah battery

Burntime: 6h



 LED with 15,6Ah battery

Burm time: 9h











Delivered with Elasti grip as option.






Our LED is a light with 10,4 Li-Ion battery pack.
With 420 minutes of burn time you have light of 1600 Lumen.
It weighs 1,9 kg on dry land and 1kg in fresh water.

Charging time is 5 hours with an empty battery.

Each and every LUGH 9 is hydrostatically 





 Side mount light, well - butt mount light is a better word for this light.

Spot beam with +7 hours of burntime.

(or +11 hours with modification as option if required)

Powered by Li-Ion batteries 



A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor diode that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction. 


The physical effect of electroluminescence was discovered by Henry Joseph Round I 1907. But as he was working on a new radio direction finding method for marine vessels this discovery was initially forgotten.




Today white LED reaches efficacies up to 40-100 lm/W (efficiency depends on colour temperature and colour rendering) and is used in a vast number of areas, dive lights being one of them.


LED offers a whole array of advantages such as low energy consumption, extremely long life, very low early failure rate, smallest dimensions, shock and vibration resistant, low wattage and high colour saturation. 






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