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Is it time to go flexible?
Is it time to enjoy the comfort and ease with sidemount diving?
We offer you a dedicated sidemount rig – harness, wing, weights and accessories to make
your rig perfect for you.

Our sidemount equipment follows the same philosophy as our backmounted and is kept neat and clean. We don´t bring anything we don´t need when diving and this gear is all about simplicity. Ratatosk is basic, hardwearing equipment but not without finesse. Have a look!


The AGIR Ratatosk is a single bladder 108 N (24lbs/11kgm) lift wing. The outer shell is made of 1000 denier cordura (rugged ballistic nylon). Its compartmented inner bladder is manufactured from ultrasonically welded 400 denier cordura - a highly resistant material.
The inflator has a reinforced mounting hole with an 18” long corrugated hose. The low pressure hose is 200mm / 8” long. 300mm / 12” is available as an option for regulators without a so called 5th port. Both the elbow and inflator assembly can be adjusted for optimum positioning.

The overpressure relief- / dump valve (OPRV) is at the bottom center of the wing and can be reached with either hand. The OPRV is equipped with a 150mm / 6” long, 3 mm thick nylon cord and is easy to use. On each side of the valve is a loop and along with them, also two on each side of the wing. Bungee cord run through the loops and the bungee ends, when connected, will strap the wing to your body and keep it close when adjusting buoyancy during diving. You may pull it tighter or looser, whichever you prefer. The loops on each side of the OPRV helps to keep the bottom end of the wing tight to your body and these bungee cords run the same way as the crutch strap. This strapping creates a controlled streamlining without restraining the wing in terms of lift. In other words, you keep the wing in place and reduce the risk of damage without losing any capacity. You may also attach the wing to the spinal webbing using the flaps with velcro. Just below these is a

280cm/11¨ zipper that allows easy access to the inner bladder.
Two grommets for drain are placed in the bottom of the wing.


AGIR Ratatosk Sidemount System consists of stainless steel backplates and harness. You can choose between 3 and 6 mm stainless steel.

The 6 mm dorsal plate is slightly arched to follow your back.

The harness is based on our backmounted harness and is threaded much in the same way. The dorsal plate delivers the webbing running over your shoulders and the two loops meet and are threaded through the lumbar plate. This creates your familiar belt buckle parts of your webbing.

The two backplates are connected through a spinal webbing.

The harness comes with a standard set of 2 shoulder and 4 hip D-rings, belt buckle,
crutch strap with 2 D-rings and the SiMo bungee kit. The cylinders are attached to the rig with 6 mm bungee cords made of rubber line.
The SiMo rig kit includes nylon rope, stainless steel hose clamp and hook.




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