2010 Feb                 2010 March                   2010 April                     2010 May               

 LED 16W w. 4,5Ah         Back Up Light             Back Up Light              New comfort valve




       2010 May                      2010 July                     2011 Feb                  2011 Feb

       UW plugs                       35W HID                      niord 40                  New reflector



After spending the whole summer of                       2011 Nov                     2011 Dec

2010 testing our harpa loop we applied                      D D P                      Suit adapter

for protection of function / designs 

and got it approved. We sincerely

hope that the time spent to refine this

gadget will pay off, because it has

been tested to fit not just our own

backplates, but also those from

other manufacturers.

2011 March

Harpa loop.



        2012 Mar                 2012 May                        2013                               2013 June

       Garments                   Mask                      Side Mount Stuff               Regulators




       2013 Aug                   2013 Aug                  2014 Apr                         2014 Apr

    Handheld LED           Stem eject spool             100W Light                      500W LED




        2014 Aug



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