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     Compulsory service

              of wings

We have decided on a compulsory service of wings. The cause of this is that one of the parts, the sealing ring, in both the OPRV and inflator, can be weak.
The manufacturer of this part has suffered a defect in the plastic material used.

This fault affects seven batches:
NIORD 44 with serial number TV0607… and TV1107…

HABROK 38 with serial number TV0707… and TV0108…

BLACKBIRD 36 with serial number TV0607…, TV0907… and TV0108…

To explain the serial number e.g. “TV0607 123” 06 is the month 07 is the year 123 is the individual number. The earliest of above mentioned batches went in to selling July 2007.

All our dealers have been informed.
As of now, we know neither how many nor which of the wings in these batches are affected. Due to safety reasons we want to switch parts in all wings manufactured during the “critical” period.

Left unattended, in worst case, this weak part may crack.

Until the faulty parts has been replaced with new ones, we strongly recommend you not to dive with these wings.

We will keep you informed and if you have any questions, please call us!



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