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AGIR Harpa

The AGIR harpa

One piece for your


Make your harness adjustable without cutting it in half.

 Left side kit


Left side kit contains:

1 AGIR harpa

1 protection disc

1 harness webbing

4 rubber bands

Part No: 20100 




Agir Battery Carrier

for the Harpa Adjustable Harness System



 Please click for a YouTube demo of our battery carrier to the adjustible harness 





























 Kit for adjustable harness

Make your harness adjustable without cutting it in half.

Just slide the AGIR harpa into backplate slot and it´s done.

Webbing glides easily until it is loaded. When loaded the upper part of the loop will pinch it with the same result as a serrated weightstopper.





 Left and right side kit

  Part No: 20102






Agir Battery Carrier

Part No: 20110






 AGIR plate pocket Part No: PP3

AGIR plate pocket is designed for both additional storage and soft padding of the backplate. It´s made of rugged cordura-material with an added layer of soft 3 mm neoprene, making it steady and comfortable. When attached to the backplate with its four screws and nuts, there´s room for an ELT or OLT to be stored. Screws and nuts are in stainless steel.The plate pocket opening seals with velcro. By letting part of the deco buoy loop pass through the velcro lock, stored gear will remain in place and you may still pull it out with real ease



AGIR Harpa


One piece for your




  Veiw larger image.





 Veiw larger image


Rubber discs recommended to alu backplates.







Left and right side kit includes:

2 AGIR harpas

2 protection discs

1 harness webbing

1 serrated weightstopper

4 rubber bands

Part No: 20102




AGIR harpa background


After spending the entire summer of 2010 testing our AGIR harpa we decided to apply for protection of function/designs which has now been approved.


The AGIR harpa has been tested with not only our own AGIR equipment but also with backplates from other established manufacturers.

Tests have been carried out with various sets of cylinders ranging from singles to heavy doubles and also with rebreather.   

Now, at last, we can offer you this little piece of stainless steel which hopefully will make all the difference.


We want to say thank you to the divers who assisted us.

We are grateful for all your help.

Tord & Ingrid













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